Scrawl is a new prize winning, digital illustration & comics magazine created for the iPad & iPhone. Scrawl was created as an independent platform for artists, which enables freedom and the opportunity to create and share their work with others. A place to discuss & experience illustration, comics and art in a new way.

The Pilot issue won both the "best in the comics category" and the grand prize at the "Magnify your world contest" held by Mag+.

Scrawl is a self published magazine and was founded by:
Michael Golan, Roni Fahima & Shiraz Fuman.

If you want to take part in one of our upcoming issues please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the e-mail icon on the top right.

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Learn the "dos and don'ts" of the art of courtship with this little illustrated handbook.
Use it to find your soul mate, and melt their cold indifferent heart. Away with winter, make way to spring and blooming love!!

In this issue you will find 15 love tips by:
Aart-jan Venema, Alessandro Ripane, Alon Braier, Daniel Morgenstern, Hila Noam, Jessica HJ. Lee,
Liran Raviv, Michael Arnold, Omer Hoffman, Or Livneh, Pixin, Geran Knol, Roni Fahima, Shiraz Fuman
Studio Takeuma, Tomo77.

Cover by: Keren Taggar



A playful free mini-issue. Specially designd for the iPhone and avilable also for the iPad.

In this issue you will find 4 works by:
Michael Golan, Nir Golan, Roni Fahima & Shiraz Fuman

Cover by: Roni Fahima

ISSUES #4 & #5

I & II

Biggest issue yet! 27 artists from all over the world draw their heartbreak.
A two parts double issue.
Part I:
Aart-jan Venema, Efrat Hasson, Geran Knol,
Jenny Lumelsky, Jeong Haw Min, Mark Boardman, Nicolas Mènard Nura Porat, Or Livneh, Pixin, Powerpaula, Timor Davara, Yotam Cohen,
& an interview with Maira Kalman.

Part II:
Concorde, Ido Hirshberg, Jonny Negron, Keren Katz, Michal Zori Michael Golan, Mira Friedman,
Noam Weiner, Pawel Mildner, Philip Giordano,
Roman Klonek, Studio Takeuma, Roni Fahima
& Tsach Weinberg.

Covers by: Shiraz Fuman



Our first iPhone supported issue!
This issue is also time dependent and will change if according the tume of day you view it.

In this issue you will find works by:
Alon Braier, Andy Musser, Daniel Morgenstern,
Efrat Hasson, Eran Mendel, Hadar Reuven,
Ido Hirshberg, Jess Smart Smiley, Joe Garber,
Keren Katz, Kineret Lourie, Lennard Kok, Liran Raviv, LumberJackJoe, Micah Lidberg, Michael Golan,
Michal Zori, Michele Brummer Everett, Nir Golan,
Nura Porat, Or Livne, Ori Toor, Roni Fahima, Shahar Leibowich, Shimrit Elkanati, Shiraz Fuman,
Timor Davara & Yoni Salmon

This issue is Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

Cover by: Lennard Kok



This issue is all about POWER!

In this issue you will find works by:
Assaf Benharroch, Batia Kolton, Benjamin Courtault, David Polonsky, Ella Cohen, Eran Mendel, Keren Katz, Kineret Lourie, Michal Zori, Michael Golan, Niv Tishbi, Or Livne, Roni Fahima, Sari Cohen, Shiraz Fuman & Thoka Maer

Also in this issue: an interview with the fameos Norwegian comics artist - Jason!

Cover by: Michael Golan


This pilot issue is our first step in what we believe is the beginning of an exiting journey - a mere taste of what we plan to offer.
This issue won both the the grand prize at the "Magnify your world contest" held by Mag+.

In this issue you will find works by:
Keren Taggar, Michael Golan, Nir Golan, Roni Fahima, Shimrit Elkanati & Shiraz Fuman

And an interview with Nino Biniashvili co-founder of the Bookieman indipendent publishing house.

Cover by: Roni Fahima
From our readers around the world:
"One of the best designed magazines in the Newsstand, featuring some amazing artists."
- relativegod (itunes Israel)
"This is an amazing magazine, have lots of good art works, very creative. I love the experience when I reading it..."
- summer_ft (itunes China)
"This is the first time I subscribe to anything in very many years and I'm so happy I did."
- Brixtonsun (itunes France)
"...They have managed to keep the beauty of the comic medium alive yet do things with it that haven't been done before..."
- Shiva Nallaperumal (itunes India)
"...I think this has to be one of the best examples of future magazines fun, playful and a whole lot of creativeness."
- Wharf-e (itunes UK)
"...looking forward to more."
- Aarbloom (itunes US)